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Brand Diagnostic

The process starts with our brand diagnostic workshop, where we spend up to a day (depending on the size and complexity of organisation) working with you to build a brand essence that’s a clear, practical expression of what the business stands for, and management’s intentions and ambitions. Then, working closely with you, we develop that essence into a brand story that represents the cultural, visionary, strategic, aesthetic and tonal qualities of the company and creating a compelling and unique brand proposition. The proposition expresses four key areas of your brand:

What you hope to “be” in your audiences’ minds, compared to other companies

What you are really in business to do

Culture, Values and Personality
The distinctive shared behaviours that best support your common purpose and mission.

The brand proposition and your right to engage with your clients/customers

In today’s world, you don’t decide what your brand is, your customer does. Customers no longer buy brands, they join brands, and for them to do this, your brand needs an organising thought and a promise behind its existence. This needs to be lived and breathed through every department; marketing, production, operations and customer service, underpinning your brand positioning.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change."