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From Deep in the Archive

Back in the seventies, Peter and I both did work for record companies, although not together.

When I was only a couple of years out of college, I teamed up with some mates and started a business called Hothouse (look at us, with our full colour, glossy business card!). Most of our clients were record companies and we designed album covers, ad campaigns, shop displays, you name it.

Inevitably a lot of what we did back then, particularly for all those short-lived punk bands, hasn’t stood the test of time, but a couple of things still look fine, like the first Dire Straits album. Sadly it paid really poorly, because at that point they hadn’t yet sold any records, but in the long run we did OK out of it, because it helped raise our profile in the business.

Apologies for the slightly shabby pack shot, but I have had this record for over forty years…