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Both Sides Now

Our good friend Tim Nathan is a brilliant photographer, and he isn’t at all bad in front of the camera either. He’s also a dab hand in the kitchen, and earlier this year he made this delightful piece about catching and cooking cuttlefish.Behind the camera is another talented member of the +Co team, DoP Dirk Nel.

Eggs For Soldiers

Oh boy. When I first saw this (it was about ten years ago I think), I couldn’t believe how good it was. Clever? I should say so. Everything about it, from the name to the packaging and even the point-of-sale box, is just perfect. I only hope that people bought millions of those eggs and that Help For Heroes got lots of money.

From Deep in the Archive

Back in the seventies, Peter and I both did work for record companies, although not together.

When I was only a couple of years out of college, I teamed up with some mates and started a business called Hothouse (look at us, with our full colour, glossy business card!). Most of our clients were record companies and we designed album covers, ad campaigns, shop displays, you name it.